How to stop winging your social media


  • Are you only posting on social media when you have a spare 5 minutes?
  • Does it take you 40 minutes to craft a single post?
  • Posting out of guilt, not purpose?
  • Getting nothing back from your efforts?

Then this online class is for you. We’ll take you through why having a strategy on social media matters, how to plan your content in advance and how you can save time with your social media.

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Tuesday 22nd of August 2023




Online (link sent to you via email)

If you're scunnered with social media and feel like you're winging it with every post hoping for the best, this online class is for you. Over the course of 1.5 hours we're going to help you make sense of social media and find out:

  • The importance of a social media strategy - where you should post, why you're posting it, what you want to achieve and what to actually post
  • How to plan your content in advance - forget winging it, this is how to get your social in order
  • Saving time on social media - how can you post with purpose without spending hours

We'll be using an online platform you can access via a laptop and will send the link to access our class after purchase.