SEO Keywords for your business


  • Do you know a little about SEO but no idea how to actually do it?
  • Does your website appear in the search results for relevant keywords?
  • Does your website appear at all?
  • Want the jargon-free low down?

Then this in-person Dunfermline marketing workshop is for you. This is a completely hands-on workshop so bring your laptop – we’ve got work to do!

We’ll take you through what SEO keywords are, why they’re so important, how to find them and how to apply them to your website. You’ll leave with your website keywords sorted to give your website half a chance in the search results. Group sizes are extremely small so we can work with you to apply your keywords to your website.

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Thursday 17th of August 2023




In the Dunfermline area, location TBC

If you have a website but don't know how to 'Google-ify' it to make it appear when people are searching for you or your services then this workshop is for you. We'll take you through SEO basics to get your website sorted for search. This is a hands-on workshop, we're not just talking at you, you're not leaving until you've nailed your keywords and have applied them to your website. Over the course of 2.5 hours we're going to explore:

  • An SEO overview so you understand all of the parts of the puzzle
  • Why keywords are so important?
  • How to find keywords for your business?
  • What to do with keywords once you've found them?

This workshop will be in the Dunfermline area, with the venue TBC soon. Bring your laptop and a login for your website because this is hands-on.